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Package Scanning Details

Step 1 - Ship from anywhere worldwide or bring your boxes of photos to us.


Choose your service. We offer several packages in addition to manual scanning. Once you have chosen your service, pack up your pictures and ship them to us, or bring them to our Jacksonville, Florida office.

Package Scanning Details.

$169.95 up to 2000 pictures (includes return shipping).

$79.95 per 1,000 pictures.

$59.95 + shipping up to 500 pictures.

DROP OFF ONLY - $149.95 UP TO 2000 pictures.

Manual Scanning $.20 for 300 dpi and $.30 for 600 dpi. (see Manual Scanning for additional sizes and types of memorabilia to scan).

Other Scanning Details.

300 or 600 DPI True Color 24-bit JPEG files.

Sizes from 3x3" up to 8x10" included in any of our packages.

Larger sizes available for manual scanning.

Value kits valid only for deliveries within the U.S.

Order box online from USPS; Medium Flat Rate fits up to 1000 pictures, Large Flat Rate fits up to 2000 pictures.

Contact us for International Rates.


Step 2 - We scan your photos within one week of your order arrival. Rush orders available.


Once your order arrives, we professionally scan your photos to 300 or 600 dpi JPEG files the same day they are received. 300 dpi files are great for viewing or sharing with others or making similar-sized reprints, whereas 600 is best for archival and large reproductions purposes.



Step 3 - We ship your newly scanned photos back to you on your choice, CD or DVD.


When your order is complete, we pack up your photos and newly-created digital media for return shipping back to you. The process is quick and easy, and because all scanning is completed in-house, you don't have to worry about your photos being shipped overseas or taking weeks for your order to be completed.



Key Features of All of our Photo Scanning


300 or 600 dpi JPEG scans

Scanning automatically includes rotation, color correction and removal of dust, dirt and scratches

Includes 1 CD, DVD or upgrade to a flash drive

Photos can be scanned in a specific order (additional cost)

All photos are returned unless otherwise requested


Many additional services to choose from to create the perfect finished project for you:

Extra DVDs, CD’s, flash drives

Rush service available

Photo enhancement available

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