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How to Pack Your Pictures

A medium flat-rate box from the U.S. Postal Service will fit approximately 1000 pictures.  Please rubberband and ziploc bag pictures based on size  - 3x5's, 4x6's, 5x7's and so on should be banded together.  Pictures should also be oriented in the same direction (verticals all with the top of the picture in the same direction & horizontals with the top of the picture in the same direction).  If there are not enough pictures to rubberband together (fewer than 10 and they will bend if banded) please make sure to bag them so they are together in the box.  Make sure to stuff the box tightly so that the pictures do not move around.

If you are ordering "Scanning in Order" services, pictures must be numbered in order on the back of the picture with the first picture marked number 1.


Out Shipping Address:
8131 Baymeadows Circle West Suite 202, Jacksonville, FL 32256