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All packages are scanned at 300 dpi.  To scan at 600 dpi, see add-ons below.

Packages include pictures only, no thicker than a modern Polaroid, no newspaper clippings, programs, tickets or other memorabilia; however these items can be scanned as manual scanning.

All pictures scanned, rotated and dust, dirt removed.

500 Flat Rate - $59.95 + shipping.

1000 Flat Rate - $79.95 + shipping.

2000 Flat Rate - $169.95 includes return shipping (USPS Priority).


Local Specials for Drop Off Only:

2000 Flat Rate – $139.95.


Additional Services (all additional services will be based on 1000 scans and amounts will be rounded up; ie: if you have 675 scans, that will be rounded up to 1000; if you have 1387 scans, that will be rounded up to 2000):

600 dpi - $30 additional per package.

Rush Service - $29.95 per 1000 pictures.

Scanning in Order - $24.95 per 1000 pictures.

Photo enhancement - $64.95 per 1000 pictures.

Extra CD - $8 each per 1000 pictures.

Extra DVD - $12 each per 1000 pictures.

Flash Drive - $15 each per 1000 pictures.

Picture Organizing - $49.95 (if you send us a box with pictures not organized by size, orientation). See "How to pack your pictures".

Picture Disposal - $10 per 1000.


Manual Scanning Up To 11"x17"

Anything thick, oversized, newspaper clippings, programs, tickets and other memorabilia allowed.

(Items over 11x17, please call us for pricing.)

$0.20 per picture (up to 11x17) - 300 dpi.

$0.30 per picture per picture (up to 11x17) - 600 dpi.

$0.35 per double-sided scan.

Scrapbook/Photo Album Scanning - $0.50 per page (scanning the page without removing the pictures).




Color, B/W, All slides scanned, rotated and dust, dirt removed


$0.60 per slide 2000 dpi.

$0.80 per slide 4000 dpi.





Color, B/W


Minimum two pictures, entire strip will be scanned, Color or b/w

$0.55 per negative strip 2000 dpi.

$0.75 per negative strip 4000 dpi.


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